Teach you how to identify high quality alloy saw blades
[ Published:2017/4/25  Read:841 times  Source:tenyu]

TCT saw blade from the saw blade and carbide sawtooth two parts. High-quality saw blade used in the alloy particles thicker, larger, because such an alloy sawtooth can be a number of grinding, long life, carbide quality of the welding is also very important, the weld is thin and uniform, so jagged on Bear greater cutting force.

The quality of the saw blade is very important. Because the blade to adjust the rotation, it is necessary to pass the cutting force and to maintain the stability of the work. The excellent saw blade not only has static geometry and accuracy, but more importantly its dynamic characteristics. When the saw blade continuous cutting, the alloy jagged cutting heat generated by the conduction to the saw board, so that the temperature of the saw blade, high-quality saw in this case can maintain the accuracy of the position, and poor quality saw blade There will be sawing warping, affecting the sawing accuracy. The dynamic stability of the saw is particularly important for the use of several pieces of saw blades. How can a single piece of sawing equipment use a set of unstable saw blades to ensure the quality of the longitudinal material. Saw blades and inserts are an integral part of high quality saw blades.

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