Suitable for several types of woodworking drills used on electric drills
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The presence of electric drill makes carpentry work more convenient and effortless, but in some cases, manual drilling is more suitable for drilling in narrow spaces, and it is more controllable, it is light, work less noise. There are two types of manual drill: straight shank and crank drill.

Common drill bits in carpentry studios include twist drills, carpentry drills, hole drills and flat drills. They each have their own advantages and limitations.

Twist drill can drill holes in wood, metal, plastic and (almost) any other material. Twist drill has two shortcomings for furniture making: first, it is difficult to accurately locate, easy to skew; second, it drilled holes are usually a bit oval.

The center of the woodworking spikes is designed to allow the drill bit to engage with the wood before the cutting edge of the drill is in contact with the wood, so it is positioned more accurately and the hole drilled is also very round. In general, woodworking is the best drill for wood processing, although it can not be used to drill metal.

Hole drilled in very few cases, the hole drilled too deep so that the center of the woodworking spikes will expose the other side, then, hole drilling can come in handy. The center of the hole is spun and the cutting edge is almost in a plane, so it can produce a very clean and bottom flat hole.

At the same time, because it can be cut through the edge to achieve positioning, so you can make it on the basis of the hole on the hole shaping, or in the edge of a board to play a half moon (provided that the board has been fixed) - this But the carpentry can not do it. The drawback of open hole drilling is slow cutting and fast heating.

Flat drill is a professional woodworking tool used to drill holes in the frame. But in the hard work on the drill when the drill is not too easy to use, they tend to become overheating, cutting slowly, drilled holes are relatively rough, inaccurate.

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